How to Decorate Your Hotel for the Holiday Season

Holiday decorations are a fun way to ring in the new season and we’re not just talking about your local light display. Many businesses and hotels also decorate for the holidays to help entice guests and increase sales.

Read on to learn more about the best hotel holiday decorations you should invest in this year and a few benefits of adding seasonal decor to your property this season.

Why Hotels Decorate For The Holidays

Beyond looking amazing, holiday hotel decorating also serves a greater purpose. These are some benefits holiday decorations can have for your property:

Attract More Guests

The winter season is often synonymous with the slow season in the hotel industry. Having hotel holiday decorations can help attract guests, not just during peak travel days, but throughout the winter season. The right decorations can distinguish your hotel from the rest for guests who want some Christmas cheer during their stay.

Become Part of a Tradition

Once you attract guests to your property, the decorations can quickly become part of their tradition. For instance, if you have a special draw like an artfully decorated Christmas tree in the lobby, an ice castle on your property, or even a seasonal activity like a gingerbread house contest, you can entice families back each holiday season to experience them and the festive feelings they inspire.

Hotel Christmas Decorations

Many publications showcase the best hotel Christmas decorations. Your property could gain exposure from national or local publications.

Emphasize Your Hotel Brand

Hotel holiday decorations are also a great way to emphasize your brand. For instance, if your hotel is all about modern, minimalist design, you can incorporate sleek holiday decor to match. On the other hand, if you operate a cozy inn, classic, country Christmas decor can further emphasize the homey feel of your property.

Holiday Hotel Decorating 101

Don’t know where to start with your hotel holiday decorations? These are some tips and hotel holiday decorating pictures that can serve as inspiration:

While much of the focus on holiday decorations is on the physical property, you can’t overlook the importance of sprucing up your website as well. It’s important to update your property’s website to reflect seasonal specials and decor to show guests what to expect from their stay during this time of year. 

Remember that the best hotel Christmas decorations are an extension of your property’s existing atmosphere. Of course, you can add novel decor during this time, but it’s important to stay true to your property’s brand

Though hotel holiday decorations are eye-catching, you should also consider offering other seasonal experiences on your property. Whether that means having a professional photo opportunity in front of the lobby’s tree (or with Santa), holiday dinner specials, or tree lighting, these are all events that can attract more guests who love the festive season.

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