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Top Hotel Management Courses to Take to Improve Your Skills

Regardless of if you’re looking to break into the industry or simply brush up on your skills to push your career to the next level, hotel management courses are a great tool when it comes to achieving your goals. With the ability to expand your thinking, present new problem-solving ideas, boost your creativity, and inspire you to be a stronger leader, these recommended hospitality courses are a great way to further your professional development.

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ESSEC Business School 

This free online course allows you to prepare for a professional career in the hotel industry in just three classes. With a flexible course schedule, you can drive deeply into the subject matter without having to make learning a full-time job. 

eCornell Hospitality Management Certificate Program 

In this online course, you learn from Ivy League-level professors how to improve in your role as a hospitality manager by developing strategies that can be applied to your teams in the workplace. Though the program isn’t free, it offers a wide range of content as it covers everything from building a loyal guest base to finances to team building. Afterward, you’ll have a robust set of skills needed to be successful in a hospitality management role. 

Udemy Hotel Management Fundamentals

This hotel management fundamentals course is a great introduction to the industry! Learn how to be a stand-out talent in hospitality, plan your career, and think like an innovative manager. With so many different options to build on knowledge with other courses, these classes have the ability to truly set industry professionals up for success. 


In this course, instructors emphasize that hospitality management combines business principles with marketing and psychology to help create experiences that people will love and remember. This unique curriculum encompasses event planning, food service, hotel management, and service management. You’ll also have the ability to break down your chosen path and be more specific about what areas of the industry you want to focus on.  


Another great free option, these hospitality management courses will give you a better understanding of the planning, development, and management process when running a hotel, restaurant, or resort. These instructors emphasize the importance of creating a warm and welcoming environment where every guest feels empowered to create lifelong memories. 

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