What Other Roles Can a Hotel Manager Do?

Are you a past or present hotel manager looking to do something new? The roles and responsibilities of a hotel manager foster dynamic skills that seamlessly apply to countless other professions and departments in the hotel industry. The skill set you have acquired from your previous roles has prepared you for this transition. Or, maybe you’re a future asset to the hospitality industry wondering what a hotel manager does?

To thrive in the hospitality realm, and in the roles we’ve gathered below, you must be organized, accommodating, forward-thinking, quick to problem solve, and friendly. Your job is not only to provide an amazing guest experience but also to lead your team in a way that will professionally benefit your employees and the future of your hotel. In order to do this, you must know hotel management best practices, how to allocate tasks, how to communicate efficiently and politely, and how to manage budgets and expenses. 

If you’re looking to transition from a hotel manager into a new role, examine the skills you have already perfected in your previous roles. Based on these talents, you’ll be able to see which future departments and positions will fit you best.

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A sales role in hospitality is perfect for someone who has immaculate customer service skills as well as strong communication skills. Think about all those times you fixed an issue at the hotel just by speaking with the customer. Your natural charm is your best friend. With a bit of creative messaging and forward-thinking, you can talk someone into anything, making you the perfect candidate for a sales position in hospitality.  


If you’ve always had an eye for numbers, a finance department role in the hospitality industry might be the next ideal route for you. You have experience with budgets and expenses as well as balancing books—why not take this a step further and make a career solely out of these skills? Consider a property accountant or night auditor position if you’re interested in the finance path in hospitality. 


A management role is the most similar to your previous position, meaning the learning curve will be the most gradual. If you find that you have exceptionally good leadership skills in the hospitality industry, you may want to look into becoming a restaurant general manager or a restaurant and beverage manager so that you can continue to lead people in a motivating, inspiring, and efficient way. This is one skill that you really don’t want to let go to waste. 

Event Planning and Hosting 

Hotel event planning takes a friendly demeanor and a keen eye for details. Though most people only see the end result of the event, event planning and hosting takes a great deal of work behind the scenes as you must coordinate every moving part of the experience. If you think of yourself as being organized and dedicated to meeting every client’s particular needs, this job may be a great fit for you. 

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