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Types of Hotel Guests and How to Appeal to Them

With the weather beginning to warm, we are all starting to plan our future vacations. There are many kinds of travelers and different types of guest complaints in hotels on any given day. Read on to find out what you can do to appease the different types of guests in your hotel. 

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Business Travelers  

These hotel guests are in town to attend a conference or conduct some other type of business. They are likely interested in local eateries and coffee shops but will have limited free time because their days will be long. Takeout located close to the hotel may be a go-to option as they may want to go back to their hotel for a quick meal and a relaxing evening. Or, they may be in need of upscale dining suggestions for entertaining colleagues or clients at business lunches or dinners.  

Tips to Appeal:

  • Provide access to quiet office spaces and plenty of additional amenities including fast wifi, bottled water in their room, and spare chargers
  • Commit to a professional atmosphere by respecting their time 
  • Provide an easily accessible list of local upscale restaurants that offer take-out lunch and dinner options, as well as dining locations that provide an ambiance fit for a business meal
  • Share the locations of quality coffee shops near the hotel 


This group is currently a frequent type of guest in the hotel industry. They value comfort and personal interaction, as well as simplicity. They’re also the most likely to unplug. They are likely seeking a hotel experience that is relaxing and restful as they are looking to turn on true vacation mode. And, they are confident in their preferences because they know what they want. 

Tips to Appeal:

  • Share printed maps with typical tourists attractions and quieter restaurants with high-quality service and food
  • Show them you value their patronage by spending time answering their questions, providing directions, explaining a bit of the history of the area, or sharing personal favorites in the area


These travelers typically vacation more frequently on a shorter timeline. They’ll sometimes extend a business-related trip into a personal break. They value unique, experience-based vacations where they are able to learn something new.

Tips to Appeal:

  • Share a list of cultural experiences that are only found in your area
  • Market your location and what there is to do in the area that is fun and different 
  • Design your lobby and rooms to be aesthetically pleasing and unique as you keep in mind that your guest’s friends will see this experience through a screen and may want to visit later on because of this
  • Upgrade your website to be smartphone compatible as this group is most likely to research and book from their phone    

Gen Zers

These younger hotel guests are willing to pay more for exactly what they want. Otherwise, they tend to be a tad tighter on a budget than all other travelers. On their vacation, they want to experience authentic and unseen attractions. They aim to be the first to do something, and after they do, it’s probable that it won’t be a secret anymore—social platforms will extend the reach far beyond the local crowd. Food experiences are an important aspect of their vacation as well. 

Tips to Appeal: 

  • Install charging stations in gathering areas
  • Supply a list of local and sustainable food options that offer not only food but also a unique culinary experience
  • Consider promoting local, boutique brands in the lobby by offering free samples of products 
  • Personalize your guests’ experience on your website by offering pictures that allow them to imagine themselves at your hotel, being sure to avoid cliches and typical phrasing in order to set your brand apart by being bold and unique in your image 

Wellness Seekers 

This crew cares about the environmental impacts of their actions in every aspect of their life. While everyone is more conscious of their health in this age, those who go on vacation to increase their well-being and relaxation take this idea to the next level. They value knowing that your hotel is making efforts to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly. However, be sure these efforts are genuine because it’s easy for them to tell if this is fabricated. 

Tips to Appeal: 

  • Provide a directory of restaurants that offer local options that are good for the body and soul—think: juiceries, superfoods, and plant-based options, farmers’ markets, farm-to-table restaurants 
  • Create meditation spaces such as outdoor garden areas for personal contemplation and soul searching 
  • Offer an option for a wellness package at your spa and provide gym amenities, in addition to maps of local trails and sightseeing walking tours  


These hotel guests are willing to spend a bit more money because they have likely saved up funds for this occasion. They are looking to view typical sights, visit authentic local restaurants, and partake in location-based activities. They have done lots of research on the location and what aspects of the area interest their family. Lastly, they are looking to limit additional travel time.  

Tips to Appeal:

  • Give resources on family-friendly activities, making sure to include things that aren’t only geared towards kids, but also enjoyable for adults such as hikes, museums, local beaches, shops, and current events in the area 
  • Consider implementing a babysitting service through the hotel and be sure to highlight what the hotel is doing to keep kids safe
  • Provide access to child-friendly locations in the hotel such as an outdoor pool or game room

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