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3 Ways to Create Connections Among Your Hotel Staff

Hospitality staff turnover has been an ongoing problem within the industry. Researchers have found that working through differences within the workplace allows for the building blocks of mutual respect and understanding to form between coworkers. Not only does this improve individual problem-solving abilities and enhance personable skills, but it also helps staff feel a sense of belonging and satisfaction in their work that causes them to be more likely to stay with their current company. In turn, this increases profits for the hotel as you then don’t have to make new hires as frequently

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Recognizing the Problem Among Staff

One thing lies at the heart of this staff turnover issue and has the ability to remedy low team morale and misunderstandings: strong communication. Effective communication skills are a necessity among all levels of your staff. Clear and honest communication allows for the creation of bonds between your employees that make workers more likely to cooperate with each other, offer needed assistance, and enjoy their job. These relations can be built by engaging in team-building activities. 

Finding a Remedy

Hotel team-building activities need to be fun, engaging and have a clear purpose. To decide on what activities are best for your team, examine the goals and mission of your hotel as these activities need to be aligned with the objectives of the organization. Next, decide what end result is truly important to you in regard to your staff. Are you looking to energize your employees? Or increase productivity? 

Depending on your goal of the activity, you can conduct these exercises on-site or off. In any venture that you choose, it is important that there is an interaction of employees across all levels of the organization. Evident interest and support from upper-level management create and encourages a sense of trust and support that is necessary when conducting these activities.

Team Building Activities for Hospitality Staff

Trivia nights, sports leagues, escape rooms, and potluck dinner parties are more casual ways to build connections among staff. These avenues will create general connections among your employees and bond them together as people. These fun activities for hotel employees are helpful ways to introduce the idea of bonding outside of work and create a more cohesive team in a natural fashion. 

For a more structured approach, consider icebreaker-type activities, a hands-on creative task, a scavenger hunt on-site, or an open forum of discussion. These are more directed ways to help your employees improve their productivity and professional growth. In these activities, be sure to also connect these lessons back to workplace situations and the daily work routines of employees. Budget time for a follow-up session so that employees are able to debrief about the connections and skills they have learned.   

Utilize an ongoing schedule for team-building activities as this encourages long-standing change and improvement and allows the employees to work towards evident progress. 

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