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3 Hotel Marketing Strategies to Deal with Seasonality

Authentic and impactful hotel advertising is one of the most important keys to success within the hospitality industry. By implementing effective strategies, you’re able to enhance the performance of campaigns leading to increased revenue. Read on for a few hotel marketing ideas to help deal with seasonality at your property. 

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1. Invest More During Peak Season

One way to combat hotel seasonality is to maximize revenue during your high season. Capitalizing on this peak season allows your hotel to see less of a hit when you take the low season into account year over year. By reviewing your on-the-books data and yearly booking trends, you’re able to determine the time period that falls precisely in your peak season and when customers are most likely to actually book. Typically this would occur a season ahead of your peak season. 

When it comes to hotel marketing strategy, it is important to invest more in ad spend, inbound efforts, and SEO rankings that coincide with this booking cadence as it helps you to expand your reach and keep your hotel top of mind for customers. This, in turn, helps to maximize your earnings during peak season. 

2. Create Promotions and Packages 

Brand recognition is one of the best ways to promote your property. By partnering with local companies, you’re able to expand your audience, raise awareness of your brand, and drive more new user traffic to your site. Your hotel should look to build relationships with like-minded brands within your community. 

These partnerships can consist of discounts, promotions, joint events, or packages that include the partner’s services, experiences, or products. For example, Hammetts Hotel recently featured a Wind and Water package that included accommodations at the best available rate and two tickets to The Sailing Museum in downtown Newport. Not only does this drive bookings and promote your partner’s brand, it also delivers a unique experience to your customers which makes them more likely to return to your hotel. This leads us to our next strategy—encourage rebookings. 

3. Encourage Re-bookings 

Loyalty is the key to the hospitality industry. While this can be earned in a variety of ways, one sure method to win this support is to build strong relationships with your guests. Repeat customers lower hotel marketing costs as they are likely to share their positive experiences with others as well as rebook your hotel time and time again. 

Brand loyalty occurs by continually providing your patrons with a stellar experience through proactivity and superior problem-solving. It also happens by continuing the bond even after they check out. Contacting your guests to thank them for their stay, encouraging them to leave a review, and inviting them to reach out if they have any further thoughts, questions, or concerns is a great way to show your guests you care about them, their experience, and their business. This could also be a great time to offer a discount as an incentive to book again. 

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