Special Touches to Make a Boutique Hotel Stand Out

Give yourself some credit—your East Coast boutique hotel is more than just a place where your guests can lay their heads after a long day of exploring. It’s a place where meaningful connections can be made, lifelong memories can be created, and positive interactions take center stage. 

Long-term success is born from unforgettable details that make your guests want to return year after year. Adding character to your boutique hotel allows it to stand out and remain at the top of the list of your guests’ favorite places to visit. Here, we believe that a hotel should be the means to provide less of a stay and more of an experience. 

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Know Your Brand Identity

The best boutique hotels unapologetically lean into their brand identity. By knowing your brand inside and out, you’re able to put originality at the forefront by choosing decor and special touches that speak directly to the personality your brand is looking to project. You could even go as far as using a meaningful amenity or giveaway item to express your brand identity and create a more homey feel. For example, if you’re a seaside hotel that’s all about the deep blue, consider opting for shells as soap trays. This way, you can create a brand experience that engulfs your guests and yields unique moments that stick with them long after they check out.

Highlight Your Community

Community should be at the heart of your strategy when designing and running your hotel. By choosing to highlight artwork done by a community artist or featuring boutique hotel amenities created or designed by local businesses, you’re simultaneously building up the community while also showcasing your hotel’s roots and history. This way your visitors can experience the location while also learning about some of the culture that goes with it. 

The Red Lion in Stockbridge is a cheery place at Christmas when Norman Rockwell’s famous painting of the town during the holidays is celebrated.

The Red Lion in Stockbridge is a cheery place at Christmas when Norman Rockwell’s famous painting of the town during the holidays is celebrated.


Marry Fashion and Function 

When thinking about boutique hospitality, every detail is only as good as its level of functionality. Obviously, we all strive for beauty when it comes to surroundings, but this appearance only goes so far if it lacks any and all sense of usefulness. When it comes to your hotel, be sure to balance fashion and function without sacrificing too much of one or the other. This will help your guests avoid any frustration while also allowing them to be comfortable and content in your hotel’s environment. 

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