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Tips to Get Press Coverage For Your Hotel Property

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Showcase Originality 

What makes your property unique? Pitch journalists, not publications, that have covered similar material in the past. By doing this, you are targeting a person who already has the audience base that you seek as your viewers. This will help you reach a more devoted, interested, and interactive audience base. 

When it comes time to pitch to this writer, avoid vague promotional language. Make sure your approach is personal and amplifies what makes your property so unique. Pose this in a way that plays up the special aspects of your development that relate to the interests or niche of your chosen writer. 

Create Creative Content 

This is the most proactive approach to getting press coverage. By creating attractive content and sharing it with the public, you’re making your property more searchable online. This is a great way to raise awareness about your business, but the content you share must be interesting, on-brand, and entertaining. Analyzing your competition’s content can be useful. However, be sure to provide new perspectives and twist your creations into something that is uniquely yours. 

Use Imagery 

Most people initially connect with visuals because of their ability to make one feel present and included. With imagery, people can imagine themselves at your property, allowing them to draw a personal connection. Media today is a heavily visual platform. Many stories sell because of the aesthetic pleasure a reader gets out of the piece, as opposed to the beauty or impactfulness of the writing. In order to leverage this tip, consider hiring a professional photographer to capture your property in the best possible light. 

Stay Up-to-Date 

What’s new with your business? Consider some of the following questions: 

  • Do you have new hires? 
  • Are you looking for hotel opening press coverage? 
  • Have you won a special reward lately? 
  • Are there local special events coming up that you could cover?
  • Has your property recently been redone?

These are all specific angles to approach when looking to amp up your press coverage. Something must be newsworthy for you to feature it. But with the right approach and a bit of creativity, you can make almost anything fall into this category. Then, following this feature, promote the article or piece yourselves. We do this by creating a collection on our website for ease of access.  

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