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5 Marketing Strategies to Increase Your Hotel Bookings

In our world of content oversaturation, hotels must adapt and embrace new marketing tactics to stay ahead of the competition and maximize bookings. As a world-class team that owns, operates, develops, and designs unique hotels, we’ve pulled together some of the best hotel marketing strategies that you can implement this year to drive occupancy rates […]

Life Lessons You Can Learn While Working in Hospitality Management

Working in the hospitality industry offers invaluable life lessons that teach you to problem solve, foster empathy, and work towards true success. These hospitality management lessons instill qualities that not only enhance professional success but also enrich personal growth leading you to become a better version of yourself. Contact Us Today! Humility  By nature, the […]

Top Hotel Management Courses to Take to Improve Your Skills

Regardless of if you’re looking to break into the industry or simply brush up on your skills to push your career to the next level, hotel management courses are a great tool when it comes to achieving your goals. With the ability to expand your thinking, present new problem-solving ideas, boost your creativity, and inspire […]

5 Qualities of a Great General Manager

A great manager has the fundamentals down pat, and they’re also constantly working to grow and evolve along with their brand. Here’s our list of tips on how to help your team and business reach their full potential.  Contact Us! 1. Conflict Management Skills  This is one of the most important qualities of a great […]

Pain Points for Hotel Managers and How to Avoid Them

A hospitality management career has plenty of benefits including a high salary, opportunity for growth, job satisfaction, and more, but like every profession, it also has its disadvantages. Here we explore the downsides of the industry as well as a few strategies around how to overcome them so that you can continue to grow and […]

What Are The Main Specialties In The Hospitality Industry?

There are five main specialties in the hospitality industry: lodging, recreation, travel and tourism, food and beverage, and meetings and events. These sectors of the hospitality industry each offer a distinct variety of goods and services, and how they are experienced can differ based on the type of business though they often overlap and work […]

Why is Service Necessary in the Hospitality Industry?

For a consumer, there is an overwhelming number of hotels from which to choose. As a hotel manager or owner, it’s your job to effectively showcase why your establishment is superior to the competition. This is often difficult as your consumer may see a hotel as simply a place to lay their head at night […]

What Other Roles Can a Hotel Manager Do?

Are you a past or present hotel manager looking to do something new? The roles and responsibilities of a hotel manager foster dynamic skills that seamlessly apply to countless other professions and departments in the hotel industry. The skill set you have acquired from your previous roles has prepared you for this transition. Or, maybe […]

What To Think About When Searching For Hotel Management Jobs

The job search can be long and exhausting, but it helps when you know where to start and how to strategically proceed. You’re on the right track by figuring out that you want a hotel management job. Here’s how you can take the next step to secure the job or obtain a promotion.   Check Out […]

Tips to Get Press Coverage For Your Hotel Property

Looking for more tips on how to get press coverage for your property? Main Street Hospitality is here to help. If you are interested in working with us, contact our group for more information.